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Elevate space management with IBM TRIRIGA Space-Lite Solution Accelerator

Any organization stands to benefit from improved space allocation and management, which is exactly why these processes are often integral to effective, integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) like IBM TRIRIGA.

To help you fully unlock the organizational benefits of this solution, we’re proud to offer the Space-Lite Solution Accelerator, an easy and effective way for assigning, tracking, auditing and reporting space details, requesting services, and managing documents and portfolio data.

This innovative tool provides hierarchical location representation, which aids in space segregation and makes it simple to categorize different types of space. Various metrics, reports, graphics, and map details then facilitate easy reporting and space performance calculations.

And, while Space-Lite is a comprehensive enterprise tool, it brings together everything your team will need into a single, web-based portal, which employees can use to manage and view space details anytime, anywhere.

With the Space-Lite Solution Accelerator, users can find the metrics they need in real time, whether they’re searching for a person, a room, a piece of equipment or an entire building. A customized dashboard even ensures that all relevant information is visible from a single page.

Overall, this tool will help your teams navigate the space management process more effectively and efficiently, thanks to user-friendly features that include:

  1. Pre-defined simplified templates for space and service management
  2. Ability to locate space, leveraging geographic information systems (GIS)
  3. Simplified space planner portal and process
  4. Improved space allocation and audit management
  5. Navigation quick links
  6. Custom reports and dashboards
  7. Simplified space form
  8. Document manager