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Important Information: Through the IBM Watson IoT Academy, JLL provides virtual training material for the full suite of IBM TRIRIGA. Please ensure that you are registered with the IBM Watson IoT Academy to enroll in any virtual TRIRIGA courses, as an IBM ID is required for purchase. Once you register and pay for the course, you will then need to login to the IBM Watson training academy where your purchased course will appear under ‘My Courses’ (please allow for 24-48 hours for the course to appear).

    TRIRIGA AssetsTRIRIGA SpecificationsTRIRIGA PeopleTRIRIGA Chart of AccountsTRIRIGA OrganizationsTRIRIGA LocationsTRIRIGA Geographies

    TRIRIGA Site SelectionTRIRIGA RE TransactionsTRIRIGA Contract ManagementTRIRIGA Accounts PayableTRIRIGA Accounts ReceivableTRIRIGA Lease AccountingTRIRIGA Journal Entries

    TRIRIGA Program and FundingTRIRIGA Initialize Project & BudgetingTRIRIGA Schedule ManagementTRIRIGA Documents and SubmittalsTRIRIGA Quality ControlTRIRIGA Bids Contracts & InvoicingTRIRIGA Project and Funding Requests

    TRIRIGA Space AllocationsTRIRIGA Charge ChargebacksTRIRIGA Move ManagementTRIRIGA Space RequestsTRIRIGA CAD/BIM ManagementTRIRIGA Reservation ManagementTRIRIGA Strategic Planning

    TRIRIGA Facility ProjectsTRIRIGA Task Assignment & Time EntryTRIRIGA Maintenance ContractsTRIRIGA Preventive MaintenanceTRIRIGA Corrective MaintenanceTRIRIGA Inventory ManagementTRIRIGA Procurement Management

    TRIRIGA Building SystemsTRIRIGA Deferred Maintenance

    TRIRIGA 360TRIRIGA Notification & ApprovalsTRIRIGA SecurityTRIRIGA Portals & NavigationTRIRIGA Data LoadingTRIRIGA Data ConversionTRIRIGA Procurement ManagementTRIRIGA UX FrameworkTRIRIGA Ad-hoc Reporting