JLL Course Code: MAX-WM
IBM Reference Code: NA
Duration: 2 Days

As part of our dedicated IBM Maximo training catalog, this class is designed to teach participants the fundamentals of identifying, creating, planning, scheduling, assigning, executing, completing and analyzing maintenance work using IBM Maximo.

By taking this course, participants will:

  • Gain an overview of the work order, safety and preventive maintenance modules in Maximo
  • Review the typical life cycle of a work request
  • Discuss the purpose of Maximo in managing and maintaining work assets
  • Discuss how to leverage the start center to assign, route and manage work
  • Learn how to create work requests and what differentiates them from work orders
  • Learn techniques for preventing work order duplication
  • Review the status and function of a work order
  • Review the different methodologies of assigning work
  • Discuss methods for prioritizing and escalating aging or high-priority work orders
  • Discuss best practices for completing versus closing work orders
  • Learn how to create job plans and use job plan sequencing
  • Learn how to create preventive maintenance schedules and manually generate them
  • Explore creating, assigning and tracking preventive maintenance work
  • Understand the automation of preventive maintenance schedules
  • Learn how to utilize routes for maintenance inspections to drive predictive maintenance
  • Learn how to record down time on a work order
  • Learn how to record meter readings on a work order
  • Learn how to create and use safety plans
  • Learn how to create and use failure codes and discuss their benefits
  • Learn techniques for searching for and finding records in Maximo
  • Learn how to view equipment history and locate spare parts
  • Learn how to apply plans or estimates to a work order
  • Learn how to record work efforts and materials used on a work order
  • Learn how to leverage classifications to standardize work descriptions

* No prerequisites needed to take this course