IBM Reference Code: NA
Duration: 2 Days

As part of our dedicated IBM Maximo training catalog, this course will educate participants on the methods of developing and manipulating workflows in Maximo.

By taking this course, your team will:

  • Gain an overview of concepts and principles of developing workflows for use in Maximo
  • Review the elements of the start center and their integral usage in workflows
  • Learn how to configure and use the result set portlet for work flow
  • Gain an in-depth review of the workflow designer application, including in relation to roles, actions and escalations
  • Learn the purpose of the workflow designer in developing work flows and the role of the inbox in the start center
  • Learn how to configure alerts and escalate aging work
  • Learn how to configure KPIs and reports for use in work flows

* Please note: a prerequisite for this course is: MAX-ADMIN