JLL Course Code: MAX-ADMIN
IBM Reference Code: NA
Duration: 3 Days

As part of our dedicated IBM Maximo training catalog, this course will educate your teams on Maximo’s configuration in a Websphere/Windows Server environment. The class will also explore performance tuning, application properties and security settings.

By taking this course, participants will:

  • Gain an overview of Maximo in a Websphere/Windows environment
  • Learn how to redeploy the Maximo EAR file and when it’s necessary
  • Learn how to integrate Maximo with Active Directory using the LDAP protocol and securing Maximo with SSL
  • Gain Maximo/Websphere performance tuning tips
  • Learn how to review system log files, extend the log files and basic troubleshooting
  • Learn how to review organizational settings
  • Learn how to review database configuration and business objects
  • Learn how to create and maintain database indexes
  • Learn how to configure Maximo’s financial module
  • Learn how to configure Maximo for a multi-site implementation
  • Learn how to configure users and manage Maximo signature security
  • Review licensing considerations and functionality
  • Learn how to manage report security, and to configure and extend report object structures (ROS)
  • Learn how to create/modify start centers and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Learn how to configure e-signatures and enable auditing
  • Learn how to configure domains (value lists)
  • Learn how to create conditional expressions and where/how to use them
  • Review CRON task setup
  • Review system properties
  • Learn how to configure escalation notifications and actions
  • Review integration concepts and procedures
  • Learn how to configure the email listener
  • Learn basic functions of the application designer
  • Learn basic functions of the workflow designer

* No prerequisites needed to take this course