JLL Course Code: MAX-AM
IBM Reference Code: NA
Duration: 3 Days

As part of our dedicated IBM Maximo training catalog, this comprehensive class teaches your team how to leverage Maximo to optimize organizational assets.

By taking this course, participants will:

  • Gain an overview of the asset module and other administrative and organizational settings used in Maximo for management and maintenance
  • Discuss fundamental best practices of asset management
  • Discuss the hierarchical structure of asset and location records in Maximo
  • Discuss best practices for naming assets
  • Learn how to capture costs and leverage hierarchies for cost rollup purposes
  • Learn how asset records work with rotating items
  • Learn how to associate or assign assets to a custodian or user
  • Learn how to leverage meters for more efficient preventive or predictive maintenance
  • Learn how to build and schedule preventive maintenance
  • Learn how to use warranty information to avoid unnecessary repair costs
  • Learn how downtime is tracked
  • Learn how to leverage classifications for standardized asset descriptions
  • Learn how to apply new attributes to a given asset without the need to modify or add new fields
  • Discuss how to leverage priority in the work flow
  • Learn how to view an asset’s complete history

* No prerequisites needed to take this course