JLL Course Code: MAX-WA
IBM Reference Code: NA
Duration: 4 Days

As part of our dedicated IBM Maximo training catalog, this course focuses on the administrative modules of Maximo, such as resources, contracts, financials, and start center administration and best practices.

By taking this course, participants will:

  • Gain an overview of Maximo modules and applications
  • Learn about navigation and application standards
  • Review and discuss naming conventions and auto-numbering
  • Review search techniques and saving queries
  • Learn how to create, modify and assign start center templates
  • Discuss account configuration and financial settings
  • Review the bulletin board application
  • Learn how to manage person records and user accounts
  • Learn how to create and use person groups
  • Review the application and report security structure, and understand how security groups work
  • Learn how to create calendars and apply them in the system
  • Learn how to create craft labor records, and the various ways to associate rates with them
  • Learn how to create and use qualification records
  • Learn the different types of contracts and how/when to use them
  • Learn how to create and use escalations to send notifications and automate actions
  • Discuss the type of domains (value lists) and learn how to manage them

* No prerequisites needed to take this course