Optimize the portfolio and boost productivity

The average organization only utilizes 60% of building space to its fullest potential, making the other 40% an opportunity.  But your organization is anything but average.

Productivity-Boosting employee experience is essential in today’s workplace.  Recognizing that smart space utilization is the leading way to create the most effective workplace strategies is the first step in achieving your company’s ambitions.

Which tools are the right ones to address your organization’s utilization questions and what’s the best process and approach to ensure success?  That’s where we come in.

JLL has developed a solution to address all of your utilization data and analytics challenges.  UtilizationIQ is a flexible technology-agnostic SaaS platform that generates meaningful analytics and ultimately delivers the insights you need to optimize real estate occupancy and improve the employee experience.  UtilizationIQ aggregates data from all of the technologies (including sensors) that currently collect portfolio data and combines it into one platform to generate meaningful visualizations in a single dashboard.

What sets UtilizationIQ apart from other technologies in this space?

  • Superior approach to data aggregation – UIQ integrates data from nearly any data point, most of which your organization is already tracking today. This includes security badging data, WiFi or network login data, meeting reservation and room booking data, all sensor data, or observational study data.
  • Sensor agnostic platform – UIQ’s dashboards will aggregate data from any of the leading sensor technologies. Our sensor partner list is extensive and there’s a chance we’re already working with your sensor provider today.
  • IWMS-ready integration – UIQ is already set up to integrate data from all of the industry-leading IWMS platforms (ex: IBM TRIRIGA, ARCHIBUS, etc.).

We believe that it all starts with the data

Before you can optimize your space, you must gather accurate, informed, analytics.  But how?

The ideal solution to getting real-time utilization analytics is a flexible and agnostic platform that collects, stores, and analyzes the data and presents the results in clear visualizations that facilitate the insights needed to execute a portfolio strategy.

One source of data visualization

We work with the systems and data points that are currently in place or select and install sensors depending on the scope, purpose, and scale of your utilization tracking goals and objectives.

UtilizationIQ aggregates data from all of these data points and combines it into one platform to generate meaningful visualizations in a single dashboard.

Put your data to work

What should you do with the data that has been collected?  That’s where the expertise from our workplace team comes in to create the strategy and then our Occupancy Planning team activates execution.  We call this convergence of solutions, Utilization Intelligence.

Utilization Intelligence is a combination of UtilizationIQ (our JLL-built proprietary technology tool), Workplace Strategy and Occupancy Planning.  With this offering, we bring together not only software to the table to address the data and analytics, but we also bring the expertise to translate visualizations into insights that lay the groundwork for a unique strategy to fit any organization.  Additionally, we have the ability to provide expert resources to perform the execution of those recommended strategies.  This is how we solve your utilization challenge from end-to-end.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated Utilization Intelligence page, download our white paper, read through our case studies, and then reach out.  We welcome the opportunity to partner.