Transform the workplace by elevating the experience

JLL provides digital solutions to optimize workplace experience for your most valuable asset, your people.  A strong workplace mobility solution establishes a unified and enhanced experience connecting your employees to the resources they need to feel engaged, empowered and fulfilled.

An elevated employee experience fosters a commitment that drives improved performance and efficiency in not only the team but also the portfolio.

JLL has partnered with Modo Labs, Inc. to deliver an enterprise mobility application that will transform your workplace by elevating your employee and visitor experience.

The cost of disengaged employees

70 – 80% of employees are actively disengaged at work. Active disengagement can cost $450 - $550B per year in the US alone.

Organizations with top employee engagement showed 18% better productivity, a 12% improvement in customer ratings and a massive 37% reduction in absenteeism, as well as being 16% more profitable than others.

Nearly $2B is lost annually in the US due to employee turnover; elevating the employee experience to retain top talent is now a workplace mandate.

Source: Gallup

Meet them where they are, on mobile

98% of Millennials and 97% of GenZers have smartphones; they spend on average 90 hours a month on them

Across generations, mobile media consumption grew by 103% in the last 3 years; desktop only grew by 3%

Social networking and messaging are the top 2 app types used by Millennials (3rd – games, 4th – productivity)

Sources: Nielson, ComScore, MindSea

Translating enterprise mobility to business value

Let’s get started

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