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The Reservation Module allows more efficient use of space assets and more flexibility for the workforce.

Effectively managing your conference rooms, work areas, and desk availability is critical to optimizing your organization’s space. Studies show that nearly 50% of office space is vacant at any given time – resulting in inefficient use of facilities.

The iOFFICE Reservation Module provides your employees with the ability to reserve any type of space via smartphone, tablet, or desktop – allowing better use of your space assets and more flexibility for your workforce.


  • Search any type of space via smart phone or desktop, including the reservations queue or via the floor plans
  • Book a desk, conference space, collaborations space or quiet space
  • Invite guests from your address book or other portal users
  • Scheduled meetings linked to calendar
  • Coordinate additional services such as special room configuration or AV equipment

Mapping and Wayfinding

  • Get maps to external or internal destination

Robust Reporting

  • Generate reports to track conference room usage and more
  • Manage actual utilization based on check in/check out via QR code scan or email verification

Complete Portal Integration

The iOFFICE Reservation Module is integrated with the portal data backbone so that updates and changes are universally shared providing a complete office and facility management suite. Workflow integration with other modules is also available. This includes:

  • Space Module integration, which allows reservable and reserved space status to be viewed in real time. Reservations can also be made from the floor maps by clicking the “make a reservation” button on the reservable space.
  • Service Request Module integration, which allows tickets for auxiliary meeting services like configuration, furniture, A/V equipment etc. to be automatically created for dispatch and tracking.
  • The reservation also integrates with third party calendaring systems like MS Outlook and Google Calendar.


The iOFFICE Reservation App allows your workforce to reserve the type of space they need when they need it resulting in better use of your space assets and more flexibility for your workforce. OpenSpace is a room reservation app that provides the ability to reserve any type of space via your smartphone, tablet or desktop.