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Improve productivity with IBM TRIRIGA Operations Management Solution Accelerator

Operations management can make a positive impact on organizational efficiency and productivity—with the right technology in place. That’s why we’re proud to offer our IBM TRIRIGA Operations Management Solution Accelerator, specifically designed to help your organization better support its people, assets and processes.

The tailored application enables your operations leaders to streamline asset and task management activities, as well as deepen control over work order compliance and other related activities. A customized dashboard enables supervisors more efficiently assign and process tasks, both individually and in bulk; and also empowers technicians to easily and efficiently access their assigned tasks according to priority levels, including assigned task hours and time entries.

Sophisticated features, in detail

This cutting-edge Accelerator offering supports efficiency with a variety of functionalities, including:

  • Pre-defined simplified templates for work order and service management
  • Notifications and approvals
  • Timesheet management and calendar feature
  • Enhanced item specification abilities for asset and/or inventory management
  • Simplified inventory management process
  • Comprehensive work order reporting