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Maximize your IWMS investment with JLL cloud solutions

Historically, most companies investing in IWMS and other software have taken a DIY approach—which means not only buying the licenses at a steep up-front price, but also ensuring proper installation and ongoing maintenance. This can add up to a stiff cost of ownership over time, not to mention continuing day-to-day operations challenges.

By choosing JLL Cloud Solutions software-as-a-service (SaaS), our upgrade team will help you banish those in-house cost concerns by ensuring application integrates and aligns with your unique workflow while emphasizing cost efficiency. This means your organization can leverage our shared computing and storage resources, along with licensing and umbrella maintenance. That allows you to focus on your return on investment, not your cost of ownership.

Following are three signature benefits of our SaaS service:

  • Lower costs. Our tailored SaaS application is subscription-based with a low monthly cost. No up-front software licensing fees mean lower initial costs. Having our pros manage your infrastructure means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and the salaries to manage it all.
  • Painless upgrades. Because JLL manages all updates and upgrades, your teams won’t have to worry about installing patches, nor will they face the unexpected upgrade costs of staying current as the platform and applications evolve. We also manage scaling and availability, so there’s no need for them to add or upgrade hardware or bandwidth as demand evolves.
  • IT team efficiency. A recent survey of a thousand IT professionals by Forrester Research found that internal IT departments are increasingly turning to SaaS solutions as a way to offload the management of non-mission-critical applications. Not only does this free up personnel time for more strategic work—but it can also create a more predictable cost of ownership for enterprise applications.

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