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Generate actionable data with IBM Watson Internet of Things

In this rapidly evolving world, your organization’s real estate, facilities and enterprise asset management technologies are likely producing more invaluable data than ever—but that volume of information isn’t simple to keep track of, let alone analyze and use. Fortunately, we’re wielding a powerful new data solution: the IBM® WatsonTM Internet of Things (IoT) Platform fuels business intelligence and analytical capabilities to help your organization stay ahead in the digital revolution.

The opportunity—and the data strategy challenge—continues to grow quickly. McKinsey predicts the data from connected devices will yield insights that drive economic value by more than $11 trillion by 2025. Already, industries across the board are beginning to leverage the power of IoT technology, building smart and more connected products—and in turn, challenging their infrastructure and operation leaders to pull together meaningful insights from disparate technology, applications, and analytical solutions.

Designed to connect complex data with simple business applications and industry solutions, the Watson IoT Platform acts as a simple, but powerful cloud-based gateway between IoT-enabled devices and networks. It enables real-time, predictive and cognitive analytics by ensuring the right information, from the right source, is accessible to the right applications.

Specifically, Watson IoT works by storing data from various device sensors and then providing visualization and cognitive analytics, ultimately uncovering actionable insights for infrastructure and operation leaders.

Integrated real estate technology expertise

We’re proud to add to our technical capabilities with our acquisition of ValuD, a Premier IBM Business Partner known for leveraging IBM technologies—like Watson IoT Platform—to solve real estate, asset, and facilities management business challenges.

Together with our expertise in real estate, facilities management and enterprise asset management technologies across every industry, the Watson IoT Platform will help us maximize your tech investment. How so?

  • Smart data integration, seamless operations. With Watson in action, IoT sensor networks collect live information at regular intervals through wireless connections. Then, Watson stores that data and provides visual and cognitive analysis, which in turn produces insights requiring immediate action. Facilities and asset management tools like IBM’s TRIRIGA and Maximo, when integrated with Watson, automatically schedule tasks like assigning work orders— so your teams can focus on more strategic work.
  • Insight-driven real estate and facilities management. Watson’s integration with facility management application infuses data and insights into your real estate and lease management strategy. For example, with Watson’s cognitive capabilities, we’ve been able to tailor data-driven strategies that enhance occupier experience, improve workplace utilization and help organizations manage their office space more effectively. Together with our robust Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) approach and expert certification in TRIRIGA, ARCHIBUS, iOffice leveraging Watson makes for better-integrated workplace systems, period.
  • Streamlined enterprise asset management. Like most businesses today, your teams are probably on the constant lookout for anything that might disrupt 100 percent uptime and reliability within your equipment and machinery portfolio. Reliability managers and operation leaders are under continuous pressure to discover better ways to manage their work orders and inventories because zero downtime is key to standing out among the competition.Our digital solution experts, backed by IBM Watson and other cutting-edge solutions like Maximo, make it easier and faster to generate answers and insights from your equipment data, sparking more informed decision-making for operations and reliability managers. Plus, we put it all together for you: Watson mines your asset data from Maximo to detect patterns and anomalies, and ultimately present that data to you for analysis in a user-friendly format.

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