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Gain visibility with IBM TRIRIGA workplace performance solutions

Like most workplace leaders, your teams probably strive continually to align resources and operations with organizational business objectives—an important job that you can directly support a cutting-edge enterprise management tool.

IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Enterprise (WPM Enterprise) is both a measurement and a management system that your fellow real estate leaders can leverage to better target, measure and align performance to business objectives.

Right-balance performance across priority workplace areas

Designed for both mid-size and large organizations, WPM Enterprise prescribes integrated workplace management systems with a Balanced Scorecard, and delivers performance targets and measures that help align workplace resources with business objectives across the following four key performance areas:

  • Customer performance: How well workplace operations align with organizational needs
  • Operational performance: The efficiency and effectiveness of workplace processes
  • Portfolio performance: The utilization, condition and, return on workplace assets
  • Financial performance: The cost of operations, total occupancy costs, revenue weeks, and profitability of workplace operations and resources

The value of an enterprise-level view across the real estate lifecycle

With an enterprise-level view across the entire real estate lifecycle, IBM TRIRIGA WPM Enterprise provides invaluable visibility into various business units, from real estate, design, and construction, to facility management and maintenance—yielding specific insights on the following:

  • Customer satisfaction for all workplace services, from the work environment to service delivery and costs from internal and external providers
  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency, from real estate transactions to project construction, and the delivery of facility and maintenance services
  • Portfolio utilization of workplace assets across the entire organization
  • Financial performance for overall workplace costs, including operations, leases and costs of providing the fixed assets to ensure profitability

Workplace objectives defined and continually pursued

IBM TRIRIGA WPM Enterprise allows executives to define business objectives enterprise-wide—and then deploy and cascade them throughout the organization. From the business unit down to the individual contributor, the solution personalizes objectives and measures workplace performance for each role, ensuring complete and rapid alignment throughout the organization.

It also supports continuous business performance improvement by providing and delivering a pre-defined performance management lifecycle that aligns your goals and processes. By analyzing lifecycle data, workplace executives can improve current practices and identify new opportunities, ultimately fueling enhanced business performance.

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