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Improve lease accounting and cut occupancy costs with IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate

Imagine banishing the costly headaches of outdated lease accounting, or realizing higher returns from your real estate transactions. IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate can make both a reality, delivering real estate management software that’s been proven to reduce occupancy costs from 3-5 percent within a single year.

Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use, IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate software compares lease and purchase transactions, alerts your teams to potential overpayments, and automates compliance with FAS 13 and internal audits. These and other capabilities streamline lease accounting, help you avoid penalties and overpayments, and ultimately improve returns from real estate transactions.

Real-world ways this real estate software works for you

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate supports a number of common business goals. Following are a few key ways it can support your enterprise pursuits:

  • Generate higher returns from real estate transactions. IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate empowers teams with advanced financial modeling, side-by-side transaction analysis, and real estate performance metrics. Armed with this actionable data, your real estate leaders become better equipped to evaluate financial, operational and environmental impacts across multiple lease-build-buy scenarios. For example, a data-driven look at the fine print of two similar leases can help you identify which one will more likely support long-term returns.
  • Reduce real estate occupancy costs. By delivering critical date alerts, percentage rent calculations, and payment reconciliation processes, IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate can help you avert unnecessary occupancy costs within lease accounting and administration functions. Alerts and detailed information can help you better evaluate whether it’s time to vacate underperforming locations, avoid overpayment and lower occupancy costs.

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