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Drive sustainability goals with IBM TRIRAGA’s TREES software

Many organizations work toward meaningful sustainability targets to achieve lower energy costs and higher carbon savings. IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability software—aka TREES—delivers the software muscle your organization needs to achieve those goals.

Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use, this cutting-edge solution helps your teams identify and then address carbon-intensive facilities and processes. It also provides powerful, user-friendly data to help analyze the financial and environmental benefits of various sustainability investments, suss out new carbon-reduction actions—and automate them wherever possible.

Here’s more on how you can use TREES to drive enterprise sustainability goals forward:

  • Streamline enterprise carbon accounting. IBM TREES loads energy cost information directly from utility and energy service invoices, then automatically calculates your organization’s carbon footprint using the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol for simplified accounting.
  • Generate higher savings from sustainability projects. By grinding through complex formulas, TREES delivers auto-evaluations of the financial and environmental impacts of various energy and environmental efficiency capital investments. This equips your teams with the information it takes to make more informed sustainability investments, and ultimately derive higher value from this business – and planet-friendly projects.
  • Keep facilities operating at peak environmental efficiency? IBM TRIRIGA TREES automates corrective and preventive maintenance schedules and alerts to help maintain facilities at peak resource- and energy-efficiency. It also drives more strategic space planning by uncovering opportunities to reduce greenhouse gases in underperforming facilities.

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