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Leverage geographic data with our IBM TRIRIGA GIS accelerator

High-precision geographic information systems (GIS) can transform real estate strategy, giving you all-new access to the parcel, contract, location data and more—when powered up with JLL’s IBM TRIRIGA GIS Solution Accelerator.

Designed to simplify locator capabilities on IBM TRIRIGA’s native GIS surface, our Solution Accelerator adds an additional layer of the GIS pane. This empowers you to easily navigate between parcels, assets, contracts and/or projects. With our industry-customized tool, you can search for various objects, and then open the corresponding TRIRIGA record with a simple click.

Following are a few key highlights of this innovative solution:

  • Seamless integration with the IBM TRIRIGA native GIS solution
  • Ability to perform a global search (using widgets) across various objects, like parcels, contracts, projects, assets and locations
  • Ability to add a new parcel directly through the GIS pane using the “Add Parcel” feature.
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • User-friendly interface, with search fields highlighted in purple