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Improve space planning and utilization with IBM TRIRIGA Facilities

Using cutting-edge facilities management software, your teams can effectively identify any opportunity for improvement—from repurposing under-utilized facilities and rethinking space planning scenarios, to streamlining actions that align facility utilization with strategic business drivers.

Each year, IBM TRIRIGA Facilities, our market-leading computer-aided facilities management software, delivers millions of dollars in cost savings through advanced space planning and facilities management features.

Here are a few of the ways this software solution can help you achieve organizational goals:

  • Identify under-utilized facilities. IBM TRIRIGA Facilities provides advanced space management features to increase space utilization and reduce occupancy costs. Specifically, its Integrated AutoCAD® and MicroStation® tools provide bi-directional links and visual management of facilities, people and organizations—based on Building Information Models and CAD floor plans. Meanwhile, automated computer-aided facility management (CAFM) workflows capture and allocate space usage charge-backs to internal departments.
  • Simplify strategic space planning analysis. The platform’s Strategic Facility Planning tool helps real estate leaders determine the best possible scenarios to increase utilization. With advanced space planning capabilities that forecast, allocate and compare strategic facilities plans against business objectives, status-quo, and other scenarios, the tool helps teams banish underutilization. They can also visually explore space planning scenarios with interactive supply and demand analysis and stack planning to see the effect of new facilities, lease terminations, and renewals or demand-side actions such as headcount reductions.
  • Streamline move planning and execution. IBM TRIRIGA Facilities delivers the tactical move planning and execution capabilities required to streamline implementation of strategic facilities plans, complex mergers and acquisitions, and unforeseen business continuity scenarios. Embedded CAFM workflows automatically generate and assign moves to in-house and outsourced service providers, while facilities management performance metrics measure compliance with service agreements to reduce costly delays.

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