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Automate certificates of need with IBM TRIRIGA CON Solution Accelerator

Gaining approval for life-saving facilities and equipment shouldn’t take more time than necessary. But often, healthcare facilities managers must jump through extra hoops to complete a certificate of need (CON), the legal document federal and state health agencies need to see in order to approve a medical facility development or major equipment purchase.

Under the typical CON process, the applicant healthcare organization must undertake a detailed and complex process, simply to complete the form. Lack of information and variation in procedures across states can cause substantial delays in successfully completing the project.

That’s where we come in. Our IBM TRIRIGA Certificate of Need Solution Accelerator, an automated and intuitive solution, leverages IBM’s sophisticated platform to help healthcare leaders like you streamline the approval-seeking process—and ultimately support patient care strategy with improved facilities and equipment.

JLL’s CON Solution Accelerator is the only CON solution within an IWMS system in the market. It is tightly integrated with IBM TRIRIGA and provides complete control over each step of the process by utilizing IBM TRIRIGA’s out-of-the-box functionalities as the base for the solution. With our CON Solution Accelerator, you can gain better visibility—leading to fewer errors and substantially increasing your chances of government acceptance.

The solution’s features include:

  • An intuitive and simple user interface
  • Letter of intent (LOI) creation and approval
  • CON creation and approval
  • Progress reports
  • Pre-developed templates and forms
  • Seamless integration with IBM TRIRIGA’s Capital Project Manager module
  • Ability to incorporate state-specific regulatory requirements
  • Timely notifications to ensure the project is on track
  • Public hearing—track an application so important dates aren’t missed
  • Option to appeal a CON rejection
  • Option to enter updates for activities performed outside the system
  • Make updates at each stage with full revision control
  • Complete control over every step of the process