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Increase returns on capital projects with IBM TRIRIGA Projects

Leverage our enterprise project management (EPM) software to accelerate project schedules and drive financial returns. Part of the IBM TRIRIGA Projects platform, this sophisticated, user-friendly project management software directly supports project planning and management in a variety of ways, such as identifying priorities for funding allocations within capital programs, analyzing project risks and rewards, and generating management controls and alerts essential to effective project management.

Here’s more detail on the process improvements you can expect to gain from IBM TRIRIGA Projects:

  • Streamlined project portfolio management. Our project management metrics objectively determine and prioritize project funding requests, to help you select the ideal project portfolio based on enterprise business strategy. Built on a centralized project management repository of program, project and support data, IBM TRIRIGA Projects consolidates voluminous financial and environmental data to uncover insights that would otherwise be too difficult and costly to create otherwise.
  • Improved project planning decisions. By automatically analyzing the financial and environmental risks, impacts and rewards associated with any investment scenario, IBM TRIRIGA Projects enable our team to optimize project portfolios. Your program executives and project managers can easily access the information need to compare project plans, make more informed project planning decisions and, in turn, deliver higher-efficiency projects.
  • Enhanced project results, combined with accelerated schedules. The IBM TRIRIGA enterprise project management software delivers the advanced project execution and control capabilities that it takes to effectively complete projects on-time, within-budget and with the desired quality. Embedded workflows automate project management processes and critical alerts to reduce your risk of project cost and schedule over-runs. Meanwhile, vendor management controls increase consultant and contractor compliance with contracted terms to reduce costly project delays.

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