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Put IBM TRIRIGA’s adaptable application platform to work for you

In today’s rapid business environment, an agile technology platform is a must for both strategic advantage and operational excellence. Stay ahead of the game with the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform™, which delivers extensible application features, adaptable business logic, and scalability as demand evolves.

The platform’s graphics and highly intuitive configuration tools enable your teams to rapidly configure and reconfigure apps, ultimately extending technology investment value. By incorporating standards-based technology, interfaces, and a high-performance workflow process engine, IBM TRIRIGA’s platform also drives interoperability with critical business systems such as financial management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. And its multi-tiered architecture and performance benchmarks provide key tools and system configuration guidance to achieve enterprise-class performance.

Built to meet the needs of large Fortune 100 and federal government organizations, IBM TRIRIGA’s platform scales horizontally to provide performance on demand, with added web servers, application servers, and the separation of synchronous online transaction processes from asynchronous processes.

Expert configurations, proven results

The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform reduces traditional software development time up to 33 percent, in part thanks to more than 16 web-based designers. These highly specialized designers configure, extend and add new application functionality—without changes to source code, which makes it simpler to configure and build pre-defined applications that specifically align with your goals. Plus, the platform’s object migration tool preserves those changes during upgrades. IBM TRIRIGA’s platform technology ensures on-line and asynchronous process performance through its scalable multi-tiered architecture.

Following are four key integration tools that can directly connect IBM TRIRIGA apps and processes to other enterprises systems:

  1. IBM TRIRIGA BusinessConnect provides a Web Service application programming interface (API) to insert, update and query operations for all IBM TRIRIGA application records
  2. IBM TRIRIGA DataConnect delivers a bulk load data migration utility to efficiently import data into IBM TRIRIGA records
  3. Single Sign-on (SSO) integration overrides IBM TRIRIGA’s login process with external Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory authentication
  4. IBM TRIRIGA Offline capabilities provide a dynamic import and export of IBM TRIRIGA data by automatically processing formatted Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets as email attachments

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