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Optimize workplace management with IBM TRIRIGA

Your enterprise real estate portfolio, facilities, and infrastructure represent a significant organizational investment – and opportunity – when you’ve got a robust, integrated workplace management system (IWMS) like IBM TRIRIGA in place.

IBM TRIRIGA helps organizations — particularly those with significant real estate portfolios — streamline and automate operational processes, directly driving increased return on investment, while mitigating regulatory risks.

By leveraging this single technology platform to manage enterprise facility lifecycles, your teams can increase operational, financial and environmental performance. IBM TRIRIGA’s actionable business analytics, critical alerts, and automated process capabilities hold the potential to increase visibility, control, and automation of key systems, including real estate management, capital projects, space management, facilities maintenance, and energy management.

Industry-leading software, backed by industry-leading experience

Having the right software is the first step; knowing how to maximize its potential is the next crucial step. And that’s where we come in.

Widely recognized as the premier worldwide implementer of IBM TRIRIGA, JLL proudly offers both the technical expertise and the industry leadership it takes to support your portfolio’s long-term health and value. Complemented by our full suite of consulting, delivery and sustainment services, our deep understanding of the IBM TRIRIGA platform enables us to continually spark innovation, business value and more successful outcomes across your enterprise portfolio.

Integrating distinct systems with one highly-effective solution

Designed to bring unity to large, complex systems, IBM TRIRIGA empowers organizational teams to bring together disparate functions. Following are a few of the best examples of how this powerful platform adds value to your organization:

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Management

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Management software helps your teams generate higher returns from organizational real estate transactions, avoiding lease penalties and overpayments, and optimizing lease accounting practices with up-to-date industry best practices. It also helps real estate leaders make more informed decisions and uncover opportunities to reduce occupancy and operating costs. Learn more.

IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Management

The platform’s Capital Projects Management software makes it simpler to plan capital projects effectively and accurately, helping accelerate project schedules and, ultimately, supporting higher returns. From helping your teams identify funding priorities, reduce schedule overruns and streamline cost accounting, to providing them with integrated processes and analytics on all of the above, this solution offers tremendous value. Learn more.

IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Management

IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager software arms your facility teams with space measurement and audit tools, so they can easily identify underutilized facilities and workspaces—in turn empowering better utilization, occupancy and cost reduction strategies. They’ll be able to take advantage of space use agreements and chargeback tools, ramping up departmental accountability for space use, as well as move planning and management tools that streamline relocation processes. Project administration features also boost efficiency by making it easy to track budgets, costs, and schedules. Learn more.

IBM TRIRIGA Operations Management

IBM TRIRIGA Operations suite can help accomplish all of the above by automating everything from demand maintenance, planned maintenance schedules and self-service requests, to approvals, dispatching, cost tracking and reports. It also drives insights, with facility assessment tools that track and help evaluate buildings and assets for both deficiencies and opportunities. Learn more.

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability

IBM TRIRIGA’s Real Estate Environmental Sustainability application exposes poorly performing facilities and processes hiding in your portfolio—and then automates corrective actions. Whether your sustainability goals extend to facility maintenance, building retrofit projects, facility optimization or somewhere in between, this solution can help accelerate energy and environmental efficiencies, contributing to a higher value for profit and planet alike. Learn more.

IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Enterprise

Designed to help mid-size and large organizations stay ahead of organizational objectives, IBM TRIRIGA’s Workplace Performance Management Enterprise system provides real estate leaders with a comprehensive scorecard based on performance targets and workplace resources. By leveraging this tool, you can not only define business goals; you can also monitor them easily for ongoing success. Learn more.

In addition to the capabilities outlined above, your teams can benefit from:

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