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Support long-term performance with Maximo Success Services

The power of any enterprise asset management (EAM) tool comes down to how well your teams are able to use it. With our Maximo Success Services, your teams will gain the up-front coaching and ongoing support it takes to get the most out of this sophisticated EAM platform.

Our focus on continuous improvement helps you streamline Maximo processes and ramp up adoption wherever needed—while always aligning with your business goals and process. From ongoing coaching and scorecard development to outlining areas of excellence and prioritizing areas of improvement, our Maximo Training team is committed to your success.

Following are a few examples of the services we can provide for you:

  • Work management and work process review
  • Parts inventory integration
  • Standardization and automation
  • Workflow and escalation
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Applied analytics
  • Continuous improvement
  • Conditional asset maintenance
  • Failure management
  • Asset replacement planning
  • Proactive asset management

Our knowledgeable, hands-on approach has inspired long-term coaching relationships with our customers, averaging ten years now, with the longest ringing in at 17 years. Click to read our success stories.

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