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Accelerate asset management with Maximo implementation services

Even the most intuitive Enterprise Asset Management system can be challenging for in-house teams to implement—often because real estate technology teams have neither the time nor the product-specific experience to efficiently leverage a new solution’s capabilities. Our experienced implementations team, however, has both—and we’re here to help you achieve the full benefits of IBM Maximo as quickly and fully as possible, from data conversion through go-live.

Why go with JLL? For starters, our team is IBM Certified as Advanced Deployment Professionals and Certified Solution Advisors, and we’ve been providing successful technical implementations and support since Maximo 4.0.

This technical expertise is critical to effective implementation. But our commitment to cost-effective solutions and laser-like focus also helps our expert, nimble team support your organizational goals, from the first test to full implementation.

So, to help fuel your team’s success with Maximo, we offer System Adaptation Workshops, which provide role-based, hands-on training so they know exactly how to leverage the platform, from documenting workflows and automating solutions to applying best practices in asset management overall. Further, our Standardization and Automation Review helps ensure all relevant processes are specifically configured to support your unique business needs.

We also bring diverse industry experience to work for you, whether you’re working in Life Sciences, Healthcare, Energy, Higher Education, Government—or anywhere in between.

Partner with us for IBM Maximo implementation, and you’ll gain:

  • Experienced, dedicated project management
  • Tailored architecture and configuration
  • Mobility
  • Data conversion
  • Workflow mapping
  • Business process integration
  • Parts inventory management
  • Escalation and automation
  • Metric and dashboard development
  • Report development
  • Integrations
  • Purchasing and receiving
  • Complete training
  • Go-live support
  • Ongoing system support

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