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Optimize you space with FM:Systems

FM:Systems, an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)  software solution, can help users: optimize your current and future space utilization for your employees, enhance your facility maintenance and enterprise asset management programs, improve real estate and leasing decisions across your complete building portfolio, and safeguard your facility and sustainability projects are on time and under budget. Whether your facility portfolio is small or large, FM:Systems has the solution for your organization. FM is used by organizations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and government agencies throughout the world to manage their real estate portfolios more effectively.

Below are a few ways in which FM:Systems can improve how you manage your Real Estate and Facilities:

Space Management

The Space Management module is designed to give facility specialists, unit relatives, and executive management thorough visibility into space and occupancy.

  • Customizable

  • User friendly and Fresh Design

  • Prompt Visualization

  • Take control of your entire physical space inventory

  • Reduce costs by better utilizing your space

  • Increase accuracy, visibility and availability of space data by providing selective secure access to data, reports and floor plans to stakeholders

  • Easily manage bi-directional integration with your existing AutoCAD and Revit facility drawings and models.

Asset Management

With the ‘FM: Asset Management’ module, users can link your belongings  as in your laptops, printers, scanners etc. to AutoCAD and Revit blocks and relations on floor plans for easy location, ownership and access to product statistics such as warranties and depreciation values, momentously improving efficiencies in maintenance and employees move processes.

  • Improved Asset Life-cycle Planning

  • Comprehensive Asset Inventory Management

  • Real-Time Reporting

  • Bi-directional Drawing and Model Integration

Move Management

One can rely on move management module whether you’re moving an individual, a cross-functional cluster or an entire location. This module helps you reduce move expenses and provide better service to the entire organization.

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

  • Top Rated Move Management Software: Independent research firm Verdantix Rates FM:Systems Space Management Solutions a perfect 3.0/3.0 Stars

  • A Fully Integrated Facilities Solution

  • Improved communication and Coordination


Enables your facility users to securely access, update and report on your facilities data in the field with a mobile device. Mobile Tools for Mobile Workers

  • Works on all Android and iOS Devices

  • Access all of your facilities data and drawings in the field

  • Receive, update and manage service requests

  • Access facility reports – anywhere, anytime

Facility Maintenance

Helps organizations reduce costs by: proficiently managing your engineers, by measuring their performance against Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and pinpoint under-performing areas across all your services through a powerful and secure Web-based Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solution.

  • Support for all of Your Maintenance Programs

  • Configurable Workflows

  • Real-Time Reporting

  • Integration Visualization

Project Management

The Project Management module allows project managers, in-house customers, and other associates to have thorough visibility into the status, budgets and agendas of projects across multiple locations. From a preliminary request to approval, through the planning and construction phases, to project approval and closure – all activities can be tracked and maintained.

  • Centralized facility project information

  • Improves processes through standardization

  • Monitors and maintains critical project details

  • Allows for collaboration with project team members

Real Estate and Leasing

Automates all Real Estate processes and gives users detailed reports that help them make improved management decisions. Additionally, it decreases overall expenses by allowing users to view all their owned and leased assets.

  • Never miss a critical lease date

  • Real-time access to reports, dashboards and notifications

  • Integrated with all of your facility procedures

  • Centralized lease portfolio

Scenario Planning

Aligns your space portfolio with the commercial requirements of your organization. Gives users a visual illustration of what their space and occupancy might look like years into the future.

  • Interactive stacking and blocking

  • Unlimited space scenarios

  • Integration with facility plans and models

  • Manage projections based upon portfolio growth/contraction

Space Reservation

Allows for both hoteling and consultation room planning to meet today’s evolving workloads to manage workforces who are highly mobile and can work anytime and anywhere.

  • The right space at the right time

  • Provision for space reservations and hoteling

  • Enhance the use of your reservable space

  • Incorporated with bookME and the FM: Systems Space Reservation App


Helps companies balance between the environmental and monetary controls of your services. From a standard web browser, you can manage critical information on energy performance or water usage, as well as sustainability projects such as energy retrofits.

  • Analyze Building Environmental Impacts

  • Track resource utilization and billing

  • Manage building assessments and certifications

  • Integrated dashboards and reporting

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