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Track and manage energy use to control costs, reduce carbon footprint, and mitigate risk.


  • Lowers annual energy costs, typically by 5% (or approximately $0.10 – 0.20 USD per square foot of space/year) and reduces carbon footprint
  • Provides audit capabilities to easily access, aggregate, and evaluate consumption patterns as the basis to renegotiate rates and consolidate energy providers
  • Reduces business risk and exposure to changes in energy costs or carbon emissions regulation through “what-if¡± analyses
  • Improves decision-making by aligning energy spending to organizational priorities

Graphical dashboard views, of energy cost/rate statistics and many other metrics, simplify visualization and analysis while improving decision support for energy management strategies.

With high energy costs, mandates to reduce carbon emissions, and sustainability efforts gaining more visibility, effective energy management has become a critical practice for forward-looking organizations. ARCHIBUS Energy Management provides the means to easily aggregate, evaluate, and optimize energy and utility spending decisions to reduce unnecessary consumption and costs. Unlike spreadsheets or finance software alone, Energy Management helps users correlate and manage extensive cost data with real-time facility and infrastructure portfolio information to track energy expenditures against a business plan or objective benchmarks.