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Centralize and automate lease administration processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and avoid penalties.


  • Automates processes for lease tracking and management
  • Improves access of lease information to facilitate easy analysis and reporting
  • Streamlines tracking of landlord and tenant responsibilities to avoid unnecessary charges
  • Minimizes errors and speeds data entry through intuitive prompts, reducing administrative costs

View project calendars and Gantt charts at the task, work package, project, or program level of detail to find schedule dependencies that affect the master plan.

Ushering a successful project to its completion-whether it is a renovation, acquisition, construction, or move project -requires a well-organized repository of project data and workflow practices. ARCHIBUS Project Management gives project team members workflow access to a central storehouse of information that keeps all participants aligned with master planning goals. This helps ensure that projects remain on schedule and within budget while providing valuable benchmarking data for future projects.