Dallas, TX, December 22, 2015 BRG is pleased to announce that two corporate real estate (CRE) professionals were awarded the prestigious Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) designation and one professional received the Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate (SLCR) Certificate from CoreNet Global, the leading association for corporate real estate (CRE) professionals.

Mark Hesselschwerdt, BRG Account Director, and Thierry Yuen, BRG Solution Director, received the MCR and Gerry Potter, SVP Major Accounts, received the SLCR, the industry’s highest level professional certificate.

CoreNet Global’s MCR professional designation was established in 1982, and is part of a comprehensive career development program for the corporate real estate profession. The MCR, awarded to over 2,270 individuals since its inception, delivers essential skills focused on critical business issues, and reflects strategic competence and successful experience as a corporate real estate specialist.

“The number of MCR graduates in the last few years is a testament to the importance and respect of the designation within corporate real estate,” said Angela Cain, CEO of CoreNet Global. “Hesselschwerdt and Yuen join a distinguished class of MCR graduates, who have received extensive training and practical experience, and demonstrated professional competence and a high level of industry knowledge in the field.”

Hesselschwerdt and Yuen are two of 140 global corporate real estate professionals to earn their MCR in 2015.

CoreNet Global’s SLCR certificate and seminar series was established in 2002 and represents an elite group of leaders in the CRE profession. It is designed to broaden business perspective, enhance strategic approach to decision making, hone financial analysis skills, and expand a candidate’s leadership abilities. The program includes six seminars within a five-year period.

“We are extremely proud that three additional members of our team have earned their SLCR and MCR designations. Graduates of CoreNet’s programs are viewed as industry experts,” said Traci Doane, BRG’s CEO and President. “Gerry is BRG’s first SLCR recipient, and we are proud to have someone of his experience and knowledge as part of our Executive team. Mark and Thierry are dedicated and skilled professionals with outstanding records of success, and are key members of our Workplace Technology Solutions team.”

Recipients were recognized at the CoreNet Global North American Summit Awards and Recognition Gala in October. To learn more about the CoreNet Global MCR and SLCR program, please visit their website.

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