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Build your TRIRIGA/Maximo implementation team with seasoned experts – not newbies learning on your dime

The success of any TRIRIGA/Maximo implementation project is highly influenced by your selection of your implementation partner. Even the best planned projects may fail if the project team does not have the right expertise. Depending on your industry sector, and the size of organization, different systems will have particular strengths and weaknesses which will influence the outcome of your project. However, your choice of an implementation partner is just as significant as the process you adopt.  Too often companies don’t take the time to scrutinize the partner’s quality during the selection process.

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Capital Asset Planning with Maximo

Maintaining spreadsheets and process manuals no longer cuts it for capital asset planning. Capital asset planning is time consuming, has complex authorization procedures, and questionable statistics, leading many in management to question its true value. Since no comprehensive system exists to support the budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes, it’s no surprise that capital asset planning has not been a priority. Instead the capital asset planning process relies on a maze of disconnected spreadsheets and manual processes.

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Focus on TRIRIGA-Maximo Out-of-the-box features

At TRIMax 2017, while JLL was ValuD, we released its “Top 10 TRIRIGA or Maximo Best Practices/Lessons Learned”. Based on positive response and participation by TRIRIGA/Maximo enthusiasts, we are initiating a blog series to help you define and map your business processes to optimize your TRIRIGA or Maximo return on your investment. The series will provide guidelines to improve the performance and manage the lifecycle of your TRIRIGA/Maximo applications – addressing your real estate, facilities and asset management business needs.

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