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Attain independence with your IBM TRIRIGA Mobility Solution

There has been a running debate on how to define a “real” Mobility solution for IBM TRIRIGA – do we depend on UI/UX framework or on commercially available solutions? UI/UX solution is a good platform solution that serves as an extension of the desktop TRIRIGA solution but definitely has its limitations particularly for offline capabilities and keeping development costs in check. Mobility solutions need to operate offline and to leverage the native capabilities of the mobile device and platform. Based on our interaction with a variety of customers, we found some key challenges in evaluating the IBM mobility technology options.

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Five reasons why mobility in the IWMS workplace matters

Let’s face it, we are pretty attached to our mobile devices these days. Chances are you are even reading this post from your smart phone or tablet. This cultural shift has slowly inched its way into the corporate world so that now it’s considered normal for employees to be mobile. Systems that were once only accessed when an employee was sitting at their desktop are bringing to light new capabilities that allow workers to take their work on the go. In fact, it’s predicted that mobile technologies will assist businesses the most as compared to any other technology over the next five years. Is it any wonder then that introduction of mobile capabilities in the workplace has become so critical for businesses? In this post, we’ve analyzed the various reasons behind the rapid proliferation of mobility and its significance in today’s work environment.

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