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Building a business case for IWMS

To get your funding request approved for an IWMS solution, you need a good business case for IWMS. You must convince your management that your project will result in compelling financial returns. The bottom line: does the initiative increase revenue, reduce costs or solve business challenges?

A good IWMS business case should include one or more specific business challenges like backlog in work order management or cycle time for store development. Your business case for IWMS should provide solutions to your challenges, along with the benefits, costs and risks.

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Attain independence with your IBM TRIRIGA Mobility Solution

There has been a running debate on how to define a “real” Mobility solution for IBM TRIRIGA – do we depend on UI/UX framework or on commercially available solutions? UI/UX solution is a good platform solution that serves as an extension of the desktop TRIRIGA solution but definitely has its limitations particularly for offline capabilities and keeping development costs in check. Mobility solutions need to operate offline and to leverage the native capabilities of the mobile device and platform. Based on our interaction with a variety of customers, we found some key challenges in evaluating the IBM mobility technology options.

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