In this month’s issue of “The Leader” from CoreNet Global, JLL’s very own Stephan Cloitre, EVP and Sr. Managing Director of Technology Solutions, authored an incredible article alongside valued client and partner, Nadeem Shabbar, Sr. Vice President and Global Head of CRE at Royal Bank of Canada.

We took a moment to catch up with Stephan and get a brief “behind-the-scenes” look at how this article came about and the supportive role that JLL played within this collaboration.

JLL: What prompted your desire to tell the RBC and JLL story, Stephan?

Stephan Cloitre: RBC is on the leading edge of CRE technology. I felt that their story of establishing a clear six-year strategy and roadmap, execution, reassessment of their progress, and the creation of a continued roadmap for the next iteration was an incredible template for success. Over the last five years, RBC has created a unique mix of technology that integrates IWMS, point solutions, and service provider solutions to support all of their CRE processes. They are now embarking on a new journey to take their platform to the next level and incorporate advanced business intelligence, IoT, deep learning and artificial intelligence, and finally, smart building and workplace technologies.

JLL: Tell me more about the RBC team that you worked with. What was your experience working with them?

SC: Nadeem was crucial to setting the vision and championing our progress. We worked closely with Murad Bhatti’s CRE technology team from the very beginning. We always felt that we were all one team working towards the same goal with perfect alignment. This is a truly great team full of innovative minds.

JLL: How did you define ultimate success on this collaboration with Royal Bank of Canada?

SC: It was all about hiding the complexity of technology: our ultimate measure of success for this project was end user adoption. Adoption of workplace technologies by occupants, adoption of the custom created dashboards by leadership, and adoption of the software applications by CRE stakeholders.

JLL: Give us a glimpse into something about this collaboration that wasn’t shared in “The Leader” article…

SC: In the article we didn’t elaborate on the significant role that the JLL account team and the JLL RED technology team played in helping RBC accelerate their technology journey when they selected JLL as their strategic outsourcing partner. There are many facets to the outsourcing services and the associated technology tools provided by JLL and without those teams RBC would not have been able to tackle their technology transformation so quickly. But that’s a story for another day. Maybe there will be another CoreNet Global article on the horizon for Royal Bank of Canada? Stay tuned…

Sincere thank you to Stephan Cloitre for taking the time to answer a few of our questions about his experience with RBC. Follow the link below to access the full September issue of “The Leader” from CoreNet Global. Don’t forget to flip to page 32 to read, “Royal Bank of Canada’s Digital Transformation Journey.”