A remote or virtual workforce is a reality in today’s workplace. Be it downsizing, relocation or mergers and acquisitions, organizations must adapt to support and manage an increasingly flexible, mobile and distributed workforce. An organization with an increasingly remote workforce, for instance, would likely require lesser physical space. Factoring in the energy savings and sustainability, the cost savings that it can achieve could be considerable. Facility managers must deliver a progressive yet definitive solution including people, processes, technology and space to accommodate a productive working environment.

How can you optimize your facility?

  1. Identify the underutilized space in your facility – The first step is knowing actual space usage versus the actual space required. Under-utilization of physical space wastes energy and other resources.
  2. Manage your space! – Underutilized and poor-performing facilities offer major cost savings potential. Not only can you improve your current workflows to make better use of your shared resources (sharing of a conference room by a larger team instead of just a small team, for instance), but also optimize on the actual physical workspace required by your employees, which result in improved returns on your facility assets.
  3. Leverage flexibility – Relying on an actual headcount of your employees in the physical office might not be enough in this flexible workplace era. You might need to monitor employee movement and occupancy in real-time, for instance, to identify operational demands and opportunities for new efficiencies.
  4. Initiate strategic facility planning – Adopting a strategic facility management program can help you better align your organization’s core business goals with occupancy and other similar needs of individual business units. You can analyze, rank and recommend best-fit facilities-planning scenarios and automate manual or time-consuming processes. Move requests can be accelerated to increase service efficiency and reduce costs.

How can IBM TRIRIGA help in Facilities Management?

Software applications like IBM TRIRIGA – Workplace Performance Management system can help in alleviating most of the pain-points in Facilities Management and help you achieve facilities optimization. With a suite of analytical applications (Facilities Space Management, Strategic Facility Planning, Move Management and Workplace Reservation Management), IBM TRIRIGA will provide you with tools and insights to align, analyze and act immediately to achieve workplace performance efficiency.


  1. Pre-built facility management analytics to identify vacant and underutilized spaces
  2. Pre-defined key workplace performance indicators to turn business plans into measurable objectives for the purpose of workplace performance evaluation.
  3. Ability to manage the operational data against performance goals and present real-time metrics on planned vs actual conditions and exception alerts.
  4. A comprehensive view of the total cost and performance of workplace management processes and resources across real estate, facilities, projects and operations.
  5. Aggregation and presentation of performance metrics based on individual roles and area of responsibilities.
  6. Aligned to industry standards like Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE)
  7. Historical data maintenance to assist future planning decisions.
  8. Visual and scenario-planning tools to assist in the formulation of workplace strategies.
  9. Single, automated, centralized system for move requests, approvals, tracking, scheduling and service provider integration.
  10. Reservation system to increase the effectiveness of flexible workforce and minimize conflicts in common space usage.

By allowing you to centralize and integrate key facility management processes, optimize the space utilization and accelerate the configuration of your workplace, IBM TRIRIGA’s Workplace Performance Management system can help you achieve workplace performance efficiency.

The JLL Team