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Achieving Workplace Efficiency with IBM TRIRIGA – Workplace management

A remote or virtual workforce is a reality in today’s workplace. Be it downsizing, relocation or mergers and acquisitions, organizations must adapt to support and manage an increasingly flexible, mobile and distributed workforce. An organization with an increasingly remote workforce, for instance, would likely require lesser physical space. Factoring in the energy savings and sustainability, the cost savings that it can achieve could be considerable. Facility managers must deliver a progressive yet definitive solution including people, processes, technology and space to accommodate a productive working environment.

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Leveraging IBM Maximo Software Functionalities

IBM Maximo software has been developed over the past 15 years to accommodate the business processes of a diverse range of organizations sharing a common need to derive the greatest value from their assets. From municipalities managing streets to the military maintaining aircraft carriers, Maximo’s broad development has given the software a plethora of out-of-box features and functionalities that are extremely useful – but often go undiscovered and unused.

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