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Machine as a service – A new transformational perspective

Purchasing heavy machines and industrial assets requires proper planning and budgeting, as substantial capital investment is involved in purchasing these assets. Decision makers involved in the buying process are constantly on the lookout for solutions that can optimize their profitability, help them improve production efficiency, and offer them agility through automation. This is where Machine-as-a-service emerges as a possible solution.

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Demystifying Space Management

Space management is no longer a back office activity – it is strategic. With a demanding workforce who enjoy flexible time, travel for client meetings, and work remotely, work spaces are being underutilized.

According to Global Workplace Analytics Report, 2.9% i.e. 3.9 million U.S. employees work from home at least half of the time. As real estate is considered to be the 2nd highest corporate expense behind human capital, space managers are constantly looking for ways to optimize their space.

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Focus on TRIRIGA-Maximo Out-of-the-box features

At TRIMax 2017, while JLL was ValuD, we released its “Top 10 TRIRIGA or Maximo Best Practices/Lessons Learned”. Based on positive response and participation by TRIRIGA/Maximo enthusiasts, we are initiating a blog series to help you define and map your business processes to optimize your TRIRIGA or Maximo return on your investment. The series will provide guidelines to improve the performance and manage the lifecycle of your TRIRIGA/Maximo applications – addressing your real estate, facilities and asset management business needs.

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Building a business case for IWMS

To get your funding request approved for an IWMS solution, you need a good business case for IWMS. You must convince your management that your project will result in compelling financial returns. The bottom line: does the initiative increase revenue, reduce costs or solve business challenges?

A good IWMS business case should include one or more specific business challenges like backlog in work order management or cycle time for store development. Your business case for IWMS should provide solutions to your challenges, along with the benefits, costs and risks.

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